Will and Surrender

Will and Surrender

A forest was on fire, and in the forest lived two beggars. One was blind, he could not see. The other was lame, he could not walk. And because they were both in the same business, competitors, they were enemies. But this was not a time for enmity or competition. The blind man could walk, but could not see where to go; the whole forest was on fire. The lame man could see that there was still a possibility to get out, but he could not move because he had no legs.

Finally, they compromised. They said, ”For the time being let us forget our differences and help each other.” The blind man said, ”I will take you on my shoulders. You watch and I will walk.” And they both came out of the forest alive, without being burned.

This is the situation with will and surrender. Will is blind, but it can walk fast. It is very speedy, it has tremendous power. Surrender has eyes and no legs, but it can see. If you can manage a friendship between will and surrender, and if surrender sits on the shoulders of your will, you have managed one of the greatest things in life. Then the path is very easy and the home is very close.

- Osho

Taken from FB group Life transformation research foundation